" more tradition more taste "

Shaijal Hussain Chairman ZamZam group

Shaijal Hussain,the founder and chairperson of ZamZam Mandi is an entrepreneur par excellence. Humble and opportunistic, Shaijal has managed to conquer the business world and hearts of people alike.

Wayanad in Kerala, India is the hometown of this eminent personality. 14 years back Shaijal Hussain reached the shores of UAE where he endeavored hard to dive into the business world of traditional Arabic cuisine. His determination and confidence conceived the idea of a business where traditional Arabic food would be served with unsurpassed quality and the most authentic taste. This marks the birth of the brand “ZamZam MANDI”.Under his guided leadership ZamZam Mandi has grown as the most trustworthy food brand in the present UAE business world.

ZamZam Mandi established in 2009 is a pioneer in the field of traditional cuisine and is registered as Limited Liability Company with Dubai Economic Department in Dubai, UAE. ZamZam is extremely popular amongst the Emiratis, the business world as well as the expatriate Asian, European community in the region.

ZamZam has 22 branches across UAE and Oman including coffee shops and restaurants catering to Indian cuisine. It has a staff strength of 650 employees and serves more than 24000 guests per day. ZamZam mandi is also a well-known hub for their amazing traditional flavors of Yemeni Mandi. Yemeni Cuisine is entirely distinct from the more widely known Middle Eastern cuisines and even differs slightly from region to region.

The future strategic alliances of the brand include joint Ventures which will be set in place to strengthen the brand visibility and extension of services to more public in the region and beyond. With their innovative strategies and approach the brand and its services will be placed as an up-market one that their partners can proudly suggest to their associates. The outstanding work profile, experience and market existence of the brand ZamZam is in itself their best marketing mantra.